Somerford Park Premier League

I think Somerford Park has been our favourite show of the year so far with its excellent new facilities plus the glorious weather, and even despite the fact that Frank broke down on the way there and we had to be ‘police escorted’ out of the way! But thankfully Robin came to our rescue and not only fixed the problem but also drove us all the way there 🙂

Becky and Jack took 1st place in the National 5YO Young Horse Class with a fantastic 89% – Wally and Caluna were placed 4th and 5th in the Inter 11 with 66.25% and 66.08% and Becky and Josie’s Don Angelo were placed 5th in the Ad Med and 4th in his first ever Advanced 🙂 Emma C, Emma G and Josie also rode good tests but unfortunately just had too many little mistakes to keep them out of the placings. All the students had much better tests on day 2 & 3 and Emma C even brought back a red rosette 🙂

Jack Jack on his way to winning the 5YO class 🙂
A little smile from Becky haha
Princess Caluna showing off!
Josie looking hot………
…… whereas Sam is not haha (she will kill me for putting this pic up!)

Training/Competition Livery space available in the near future!

Moody Dressage has a permanent training/competition  livery space available – a rare opportunity to be able to keep your horse in this top class training yard, and take advantage of all the opportunities it provides. If you would like to know more details please call Hannah on 07736 069376 or Kelly on 07709 338755.

Foals 2012 (so far….)

Dolly’s first foal, not even a day old! (Sir Donnerhall/Jazz)
Sir Donnerhall/Jazz – 2 perfect white socks & a star 🙂
Life is such hard work already!
Yes….you are stunning! (Zack/Mooiman)
With my mum…..:-)
How cute! (Painted Black/Santano) eeeeeek so exciting!

Julie’s hard work is paying off with the birth of three absolutely gorgeous foals. Two more on the way 🙂 We are very excited about what the future holds, watch this space!

Addington Premier League

Addington Premier League was another successful show for us, with some excellent placings and percentages!

Becky won the International 5YO class with Carinsio (pictured in H&H below) and Ryan won the International 6YO class with Rembrandt.

Ryan also had another win riding Charlie in the Young Rider Individual Test scoring 67.3% and gained 2nd place in the Team Test with 66.71%

Becky riding Hannah’s Caluna came 4th in both the Inter 1 and Inter 11 with 69.8% and 67.19% in a very hottly contested class so ‘Princess’ Caluna had her Tiara polished extra well that evening 🙂

The gorgeous Wallenstein just pipped Caluna to 3rd place in the Inter 11 with 67.28% (extra sugar lumps for him!)

Pip riding Julie Lockey’s ‘Reg’ rode a very good Junior Test to earn 3rd place on 67.63% and Josie riding her own Tobias also got 3rd place but in the Young Rider test with 66.44%

Dot in Saumur :-)

Harriette and Dot had a great time in (a very wet) Saumur with some excellent scores for their first ‘International’ show.

They scored 67.79% in the Team Test finishing a fantastic 4th (best of the brits) and the judge from Denmark had Dot in 2nd place! The following day they scored 67.68% in the Individual Test, finishing 8th with the judge from Finland having her in 2nd place again! Then their Freestyle Music Test scored them a very credible 69.07% finishing in 7th place.

Well Done 🙂

Naughty Nose!
Look at that Trot!
A bit wet!
You have got to love her 🙂